Save as much as you can to be able to invest towards increasing your earning potential first and then you can really begin to create wealth. 

This is what I did. I spent my little savings from my poorly paying job and spent it to start a little freelance writing on the side that is now supporting me full-time.

I am not yet making as much as I would like, but I spend what little I make to invest in my business.

You may have heard about saving $5 every week. It is good but it will not make you rich.

Budget cuts can only go so far unless you do something drastic like being homeless and getting free food from somewhere.

That  however does not hinder you from investing your way to financial freedom because you are making very little money at the moment. 

Entry level jobs often pay as little as $14 per hour or even less. That is about $560 per week.

Even while earning $500 or less per week, you can still save some money and invest in your future.

It will probably have to look a lot different from a person making $10,000 a week (who are the ones writing most of the money saving advise).

I am not making millions. In fact for a long time I was earning way less than $500 per week.

My priority was not to save $1000 and to invest in the stock market because quite frankly I did not have that kind of money.

My approach to this has been to make enough money to invest in myself so that I can improve my earning potential and that has begun to pay off.

I used to write articles for as low as $5 per article. I invested in learning how to create a successful freelance writing business and was able to significantly increase that amount. 

If you are currently struggling financially, this is my advice to you.

Make money not only to pay your bills but to also invest in something that can take you to the next level.

If you are earning $500 per week, the next level could be $1000 per week. It does not need to be anything outrageous.

From there you can begin to make big moves like investing in forex trading or whatever.


There are two things here, the only way you are going to get some more money to save is by budget cuts or by income increment.

1. In the short term you need to reduce your spending.

2. A more long-term approach would be to increase the money coming in.

Better yet to do both.

Be realistic about your options. If you are earning very little, there is only so much money you can save.

3. However, there are always bills you can negotiate down and expenses that can be cut out to give you some more money.

If you have  a vision you believe in, then you should make big and daring sacrifices for it.

Stephen of Project Life Mastery is the best example of this.

He lived on his friends couch for months and worked a construction job so that he could earn slightly higher than what he could have been earning at a desk job and so that he could save money to make sense of his financial situation.

Meanwhile he was working hard on his online business.

If you can make a temporary sacrifice to make the cash you need to fund your dreams, do it.

If you need to sell your car or half your wardrobe, do it.

4. Another way to make some money for saving is to leverage your skills like my freelance writing to make some more money. You can also get a second job.

Time is also your friend especially if you are saving  with an account that accrues some interest.

You may not be able to save $2,000 in one month because that is your entire salary, but you can save $50 every month for a year to get there.

You just need to realize that it will take a lot more patience, but you will get there.


1. Spend your little savings increasing your earning potential. 

Focus on career advancement. Invest in anything that will get you a higher-paying position. 

I am not saying you should go and get an MBA. Going back to school is not always the answer to making more money at work. 

You can invest in books about career advancement in your specific industry, in courses, in specific classes or getting special certification.

Learn skills and get information that will increase your value. 

By becoming more valuable at work, you will be able to ask for a raise or get a higher-paying job.

Obviously you do not need to spend money to become more valuable at work.

You can do this by simply being extra ordinary at what you do. 

For entrepreneurs, the best thing you can do is to invest in learning your trade inside and out.

There are very many fairly inexpensive resources even free ones that can help you get to the next level.

Don’t just be good at what you do, be among the best. That is how you will make more money, by giving the most value.

To be completely honest, I made use of every single free resource I could get my hands on.

I borrowed books, I watched Youtube channels and researched on podcast.

When I started my blog and when I wrote my book, I was broke.

I did not have the money to invest in any of that but I had the time and I put in the effort.

I am saving to invest in a reliable online course with social proof to help me manage my business better and to make more money from it.

2. Save the cash.

It might not look like much if you are saving 10% $14 per hour from day-to-day. But within a year that is $2,800.

That is an entire month's wage and a sizable amount.

If you save that for two or three years, you may be able to invest significantly in a in something you know that is profitable.

3. Invest in something you know and believe in

You know how much sacrifice or how long it took you to save up some money, do not invest it in some get rich quick scheme you heard.

Do your research, take your time and invest in something you know about and believe in.

My blog squarely falls under this category. When I started it as a way to share my post grad experiences and to help others like me. I was broke.

I only invested $20 in buying a domain name and Tailwind subscription. I was not aware of its growth potential. 

Overtime, I was able to save up some money that I've invested in the blog when I saw its potential 

This point can be the natural baby of the previous two. The chronology is almost perfect.

If you invest in learning a new skill (for me it was freelance writing and blogging), and save up enough money, you can carve out for yourself a source of income.

For example, you could learn photography  online and practice on a friend’s camera as you save up to buy your own then start a photography business on the side.

You could spend a whole year to save up $1,000 dollars to spend on buying inventory after learning all you can about selling on Amazon.

You could save up enough money to go back to school for a special certification to help you get a promotion at work.

If you have the eye and the patience, you could find buy low, sell high products and sell them.


There is not better time to start saving up for retirement.

If you are earning a little income right now, you can take the long vision and start saving as early as today.

The magic of compound interest will pleasantly surprise you when the job market has no more use for you.

ROTH IRA allows you to invest in stock, bonds, ETFs or mutual funds even without an employer account.

You can open an account with as low as $100. You will get old one day. Take care of granny or granddaddy you today.