10 Life Changing Books You Should Read In 2020

I have read many many books. Some who's names and message I cannot even remember. But here is a list of absolutely amazing books that are definitely worth your time in 2020.

When I just finished college, I was an ambitious little lady who had no idea how to scale the great mountain of unkowns that lay before me.

To say I was ignorant would be an understatement. I did not know where to begin. I knew very little about money, careers, life and productivity. I knew nothing of what I wanted to do with my life or even the type of person that I wanted to become.

Then I discovered a list of books by Minimalist Film Maker, Matt D'Avella and so begun my journey of figuring out this thing called life. When I finished his list, I looked for more books to read and I just kept going.

I will make another list of all the books I have read and recommend by category (personal finance, career, habits etc) but this is a list of my top 10 recommendations for you for 2020:

1. Total Money Make Over by Dave Ramsey

I grew up poor. All I knew about money was that there was never enough of it and we had to borrow to cover our bills.

Needless to say, Dave's book saved me from making serious financial mistakes because of all the lies I had believed about money.

Dave Ramsey is so famous for a reason. This is a no bullshit, clear and educational book about money, debt and building wealth. If you want to learn about money and especially getting out of debt, hold reading all the articles and take up this book.

2. The Dip by Seth Godin

I am the kind of person who gives up easily. Growing up in the age of instant gratification has played into my personality so that I can easily leave behind a variety of great but unfinished projects.

The Dip is a book about when to give up and when to keep going.

I have read a large number of Seth Godin's 50 something books. I cannot even remember how many. They are all amazing but this one is the best. It is a small book, barely seventy pages and will teach you resilience.

Seth does not try to convince you to always stick to a path even when you feel like you want to quit. He simply explains how you should decide when to quit and when to keep going. It is awesome and you will be done reading in a day.

3. 80,0000 Hours by Benjamin Todd and the 80,000 Hours Team

LIFE CHANGING!!! This is the book to read if you are confused about how to pick a career. It is factual and scientific. It dismisses the modern strategy for picking a career by simply following your heart or picking something you are interested in.

This book is clear and easy to apply to your life. I am so glad I found this book when I was going crazy trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. There is a free version available on 80000hours.org.

4. Atomic Habits by James Clear

Forming healthy habits is an integral component of living a happy and productive life. But is so hard to actually stick to them. This is the best productivity and habit formation book out there.

James makes it clear (pun intended) that it is bout more than just making resolutions and will power. The thing that most impacted me from this book is a simple hack he teaches about how your environment determines your habits.

It is so obvious but we often overlook it. He taught me to design my environment to encourage good habits from something as dramatic as not having a TV to something as easy as having my work out clothes picked and set out somewhere I will see.

5. The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

If you haven't already read this book, what are you waiting for. This book launched a revolution. This is the ultimate productivity book.

I do not want to just work for four hours a week, I enjoy working, but I do want to spend most of my time working on meaningful things. This book showed me it was possible and then showed me how.

6. Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There by Rutger Bregmann

Rutger Bregmann went viral a few years ago at Davos when he told a room full of rich people to stop beating around the bush and pretending to be philanthropists unless they were ready to address the issue of taxes, their taxes. He had been invited as a speaker and panelist.

This is an amazing book about what needs to be done to address most of humanity's pressing issues like poverty and terror and what ordinary people like us can do about it.

7. I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Full disclosure, I have just begun reading this book. I will recommend it anyway because so far so great. While Dave Ramsey is very theoretical and addresses debt, saving and investing, Ramit covers it all and is also very practical.

He talks about how to make more money and it does not include cutting back on $5 dollar lattes. What sets Ramit apart is that he actually believes it is easier and faster to become rich by increasing your earning potential rather than cutting back on $5 expenses per week and he teaches you how to in this amazing book.

8. Mere Christianity by C S Lewis

C S Lewis was the wonderful author of Chronicles of Narnia and life long close friend of J.R. Tolkien, who wrote Lord of The Rings. As a nerd, I cannot help but love him.

Mere Christianity is a good book for someone exploring spirituality. C S Lewis briefly explains his spiritual journey from being an atheist to finding religion.

I know that being a Christian makes me biased but I can honestly say that this is the best book out there when it comes to understanding God, life, death, the human soul and so on.

9. Everything That Remains by The Minimalists

I am not one of those people  who believe that minimalism will cure all my problems. I have been one for a year and I have most of my problems still intact. But minimalism frees you from the inessential to actually focus on what matters.

Minimalism is not the answer but removing clutter from your life gives you an opportunity to see the problems and solve them, to see the good and celebrate it.

This book introduced me to minimalism through the well told stories of Josh and Ryan. As ambitious young people, books like this are important to help us see what lies ahead if we get caught up in the rat race instead of putting our energy in more meaningful things. This is a must read for all ambitious people.

10. The Art of War by Steven Pressfield

If you are ever going to do anything worthwhile, you will have to fight some really tough battles and most of them are internal. This book is about Resistance, the real enemy of every creative.

This is a hardcore motivational book for writers or anyone who is too afraid or too lazy or keeps finding excuses not to do something they have always wanted to do.

It is a book written with such skill that it reads like a poem or like a novel but leaves you incredibly pumped up to face Resistance and get to work every day.

So there you go, 10 incredible books to add to your 2020 reading list.