10 daily habits to change your life is 2020

The reality is that if you want to reinvent yourself and have a completely different life at the end of the year, YOU CAN.

However, you do not achieve that just by wanting it. As James Clear puts in Atomic Habits, you do not rise up to the level of your goals, you fall  to the level of your habits (I love this book so much. Read it).

Over days, weeks, months and years, your habits determine who you become. Bad habits compound to destroy you and good habits compound to make you.

If you want a great new life, you will have to work on those habits. Click here to read about how you can create habits that stick.

In this article, I will give you 10 daily habit ideas to start in 2020 that will change your life

1. Make time for your priority number Uno

The most important thing in your life needs to have a set time every single day that come rain or sunshine, it will get done.
Create a sacred time for it and never let anything or anyone infringe on that time. 
Figure out what your daily priority is and set a fixed time for it that is sacred and cannot be taken away from you by anything short of a catastrophe.

For me that is prayer and Bible study in the morning when I wake up.

Nothing gets done unless I have read at least one Bible verse and I have spent sometime praying in the morning. It is my highest priority.

2. Showing up fully

If you are going to do anything today, be completely present for it, throw yourself into it.

Give it your full concentration. Stop multi tasking. Studies have shown that multi tasking is actually detrimental to productivity.

When it is time to watch TV, pick something you genuinely enjoy and watch it. Be part of the show. Do not just watch something you do not care for because it is popular.

When you want to sleep, be extra with it. Make sure your bed is spread just right, you have on some blindfolds if you want and have a deep sleep. I usually have trouble sleeping so meditation right before bed helps me a lot.

And when it is time to work, throw yourself into that work like the continuance of the human race depends on it. Show up to work every time bringing only the best version of yourself.

If it is meeting with the people you love or conversations with them, take a genuine interest in what they are saying. Be present. Be fully attentive to them.

Your quality of life will significantly improve in every aspect if you get into the habit of simply showing up, fully and present.

3. Commit to one daily act of service

We can be very self serving and self absorbed and science has shown that it only makes us more miserable. Meanwhile, serving other people makes us happier and increases our sense of worth and value.

So try to do atleast one act of service for someone every single day. It does not have to be something big, it must not be out of obligation.

Calling or texting someone you know is going through a hard time with some words of encouragement is enough. You can also plan to do more large scale acts of service like volunteering or giving to charity.

4. Work towards your dream
Do just one thing every day that moves you closer to your dream.
Start today. If you want to be a blogger, go and buy web hosting today, then create your site tommorrow, then write the first 300 words of a blog post the next day.

Push the needle just a little nearer, every single day.

5. Eat less junk and more food

Every single day cut out something that is bad for you like processed food and start eating healthier options.

I am currently trying to lose 20 pounds and I decided to start small so that I could keep going. After one month of eating healthier and less portions, I feel so much lighter and happier.

6. Drink water

I have a one liter water bottle and a glass on my desk at all times. That is how I end up drinking enough water. 

Water helps to keep you refreshed. It helps your skin to glow. It even helps with weight loss and digestion. Water is great for you. Drink more of it.

7. Prepare visual cues

Incorporate visual cues for the healthy habits you are trying to create in your daily routine.

For example, before you go to bed at night, take out your work out clothes and put them somewhere you can see them.

This serves your brain with little reminders on what it is supposed to do. That is why I have water on my desk.

I also have sticky notes in strategic areas of the house to tell me to quit wasting time and get to work (the fridge and the TV).

8. Talk to the people you love

Deep relationships are the true mark of a happy life. But deep relationships do not just fall into our laps. We have to fight for them.

So make sure every single day you speak to someone you love. Whether you meet them or call them, just make sure you remain in the lives of the people you care about.

9. Read

Yes, please read even if it is just a paragraph a day. At the end of the year, you would have read an entire book.

Books are great because they are condensed knowledge that the author spent years or decades researching or going through.

You get to learn it within a few pages. It is the best way to learn. So read every single day. Not just blogs, actual books. 

10. Take personal time

Every single day, without fail, take atleast 10 minutes alone to process your life and what is going on it.

Think about what you are grateful for, what you need to get done and more importantly, how far you have come.

Spend your personal time to relax. I use it to reward myself with some TV and YouTube.

Personal time is time to just decompress. I meditate for 20 minutes before bed and it is great. It is my time to release everything that the day threw at me and just do nothing before I go to sleep.

There you have it, my top ten. I truly believe that you do not need all of these habits.

Just pick two or three meaningful ones that will truly change your life. You can even pick just one and run with it.

Comment down below if there is something you think I should include here.