10 Things To Minimize in Your Life

Whether you are a minimalist or not, we all have things in our lives that do more harm than good.

Here are 10 such things. I hope that you will progressively work towards reducing and eventually removing from your life.

1. Stuff you do not need or like

Otherwise known as clutter. If you have things taking up space in your house or office that you neither need nor enjoy, you have to let them go.

These things often take up more than just space. Clutter takes up a lot of your time in cleaning and organizing. Donate to people who may have more use of the things that are just collecting dust in storage.

2. Time commitments

I learned this from Joshua Becker of becoming minimalist. We have only 24 hours in a day and most of it flies by.

Spend your time doing the things that you value the most and with the people that you want to be with.

So respectfully decline events and meetings that you do not need to go to.

I am not saying that you should cut people off or avoiding difficult situations. Not at all. I am just saying that you cannot do it all, so spend your time wisely.

3. Drama

Reduce drama from your life as far as it is up to you. The easiest way to remove drama is to stop gossiping or saying things you wouldn’t say to somebody’s face.

Be less confrontational unless you need to stand up for yourself or somebody else.

Do not date men who are anything less than good men. Leave the drama in 2019 and avoid it at all costs.

4. Bad habits

You know your vices. Do not embrace them. Do not feel guilty about them either.

Anyone can change. Start finding ways to leave your bad habits behind. Do not make excuses like, “this is just who I am.”

Instead take ownership of your actions and put in the effort and the work to become a better person for yourself and for the people who live and interact with you.

5. Goals

One thing I learned from Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits is that your psyche does not want to change.

It will fight you on every single goal you are working towards. Reserve your energy for the most important fight at the moment. So cut down your goals to just one or two priorities.

6. Negative thoughts and emotions

I will reference Joshua Becker again. He says that our negative thought and emotions like anger, envy, frustration and malice are completely useless.

Nothing good ever comes out from them. So let go of them. Learn how to deal with them. Forgive people who are making you bitter.

7. Overspending

Overspending leads to debt which leads to enslavement. This is your time. Say good bye to overspending and start living below your means so that you can pay off debt, save money and buy yourself some life options.

8. Bad food

There is so much delicious and affordable healthy food that you do not need to keep poisoning yourself with junk or highly processed food.

If you plan ahead you will be able to eat healthy and delicious meals at home for way cheaper than take out. 

9. Screen time

Less TV, Social media and time on our phones. More time in real life with real people. Do not let life pass you by glued to a screen.

10. Selfishness

As human beings, we are wired for survival and pursuing our best interests first but the irony is that being self absorbed leads to self loathing.

Multiple studies and years of sociology has shown that selfless people are much happier and live way more fulfilling lives.

So there you have it, 10 things to reduce in your life. Once again, you really do not have to be a minimalist to try any of these out.

By removing or reducing these things from your life, you have more time, more energy and even more money, to really live your life.

I am not promising that things will be perfect, but they will be better.


  1. I have to say once you cut the bad foods out, if you crave them and go back to them they no longer taste as good. My example would be Doritos or Little Debbie snack cakes, I really thought I wanted some over the holidays and now I know they taste awful, LOL go figure.

  2. Not only do these things minimize your life, they save you valuable time and much of your sanity!


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