101 Goal Ideas for the new year | 101 New Year Resolutions ideas


Eat slower (national institutes of health - fast eaters 115% more likely to be obese)(Pubmed studies show you consume less calories by eating slower)

Make healthier choices with your pastry/ carbs if you won’t cut them off e.g. Whole wheat bread.

More proteins. Keep you fuller for longer so you take in less calories.

Drink more water. Helps you feel energized and full. Sometimes your body confuses thirst with hunger.

Bake or roast instead of grilling or frying.

Cook more/ eat at healthier restaurants

Become more active

Go sugar free

Stay away from so called diet foods

Sleep well

No more processed foods

Invest in a slow cooker

Minimum 15 minute (or more) exercises every day/ week

Join a work out class like spin or yoga

Get accountability. Enlist a health and fitness support mechanism like a friend or family member or online community

Fill your home with healthy nourishing food

For more on sustainable habits for weight loss, click here.
For tips on making and breaking habits,click here.


Silence your inner critique
Listen to your conscience

Beware of your emotions, what causes them and reactions

Express your feelings in appropriate ways

Dig deep into your feelings and their causes

Manage stress

Strive for balance

Connect with others

Stay positive

Find a purpose outside yourself


Read at least 10 books in a year. (Start with this reading list)

Improve your productivity

Improve your time management

Learn how to communicate better

Take training/ courses to improve where you need to

Start meditating for an hour. (I used to have trouble sleeping until I found a wonderful Christian meditation guide video on YouTube).

Experience other cultures and enjoy diversity (you do not need to travel to do this. Start simple with trying out foreign recipes and restaurants, reading and watching content from outside the US)

Invest in experiences instead of stuff

Work on a creative project

Become better and quicker at decision making


Fix broken relationships, reach out to or respond to those reaching out.

Dare to show them the real you

Improve your communication with openness and honesty

Stop trying to change them and accept them as they are

Express your love and gratitude

Admit and apologize

Forgive and let go

Keep your promises

Enjoy your friends, have more fun together

Be a better listener.

Respond carefully

No more jealousy

Be there for them physically and emotionally

Make new friends

Say no to them when you have to


Enjoy being single

Put yourself out there as well

Avoid relationships you can tell from the beginning you should not get into

Respect and expect nothing less (give it and require it)

Break up if you need to

Take the next step if its time

Treat him/ her more kindly

Show as much grace as you can

Ask more questions and listen carefully

Value diversity in opinion, styles etc

Do not abuse them emotionally or take advantage of them anymore


Master your craft

Earn that promotion/ raise and ask for it

Create better professional relationships

Work on your personal branding

Focus more on the projects that matter

Take on a challenge

Love your job or make plans to leave

Start your side hustle

Create work life balance

Make life long friends at work


Finally get ahead of your bills

Create an adequate emergency fund

Progress in paying off your debt - totally

Sufficiently insure yourself (health, car, home, pet)

Create a practical budget and stick to it

Save more money to invest 

Start saving for retirement

Try out frugal or simple living

Make more money


Develop one positive habit every month

Enlist friends, family and colleagues to keep each other accountable

Kick one negative habit every month

Declutter your work space

Declutter your home

Create and maintain a productive daily routine

Become less selfish, less self serving, less self centered

Donate more

Volunteer more


Read the Bible for at least 10 minutes everyday

Pray twice everyday in the morning and at night

Journal at least twice a week

Attend church every week

Join a small group or a Bible study group

Join a ministry at church

Share you faith with at least one person every month

Research and answer one difficult question about Christianity every month

Listen to the amazing Christian podcasts atleast thrice a week (My favorites are Thirty Minutes With The Perry’s, Ask Pastor John and The Happy Hour by Jaime Ivey)

Reach out to someone in your community to help and serve


Travel somewhere outside of your continent, country, state or city (which ever you can afford) for at least two days

Start a new hobby that is completely out of your comfort zone

Watch less TV

Learn a new language

Keep a journal

Sign up for a challenge like a marathon or cooking competition or local league

Spend less time on your phone and more in real life

Create a capsule wardrobe you absolutely love

Make a bucket list and start ticking things off