15 Amazing Personal Development Channels of YouTube

I have come up with the ultimate list just for you. Why? Because you need to discover this awesomeness and incorporate some of it into your life. 

I am a huge personal development junkie. I read the books, I watch the documentaries and listen to the podcasts, I cannot stop.

I also enjoy the YouTube channels. For all facets of your personal development, here are my top 15.

1. Seed Time Money

You know I will start with a money channel because if there is anything out to get you in your early twenties it is the brokeness. Seed time money is my personal favorite financial channel on YouTube. 

2. The Financial Diet

I love this channel so much. Sometimes they make videos and take positions that I do not agree with but in general their message is very useful.

If you need to grow up and take charge of your money and your career, TFD is the perfect place to start.

They talks about money in a non shameful way that covers every area of your life even relationships and mental health.

3. Dave Ramsey

The last personal finance channel I will include here that I absolutely just devour is Dave Ramsey’s channel. He is always seated in a studio and often answering questions from the audience.

Dave is like a PC Gary Vee. He is a tough love kind of guy but you can see that he really cares about the people who are calling in.

Most of the time, the questions are very relatable and they will help you understand the nuances of personal finance beyond broad general concepts and ideas.

4. Pick Up Limes

Now on to health, fitness and Nutrition. Sadia is a licensed dietitian, a minimalist and a vegan (I think or it just plant based). This should not scare you. She is not judgmental of us meat eaters.

She does however have some wonderful nutrition tips and super easy, super yummy recipes. Her channel is more than a recipe channel, she often includes a lot personal development topics like productivity, habits and even mental health.

5. Picture Fit

I love this channel. The creator makes it so easy to understand weight loss and fitness.

I am trying to lose 20 pounds in a healthy and sustainable way and this channel really came in handy in helping me to learn about my body, food and exercise in a very fun way.

I have noticed that their recent videos are mostly centered towards men but that does not mean you can’t still enjoy their earlier evergreen content.

6. Matt D’Avella

I have no idea how I landed on his channel about a year ago but boy am I glad I did. Matt is the minimalist filmmaker behind the Netflix documentary Minimalism. His is the ultimate personal development channel.

If you do not watch any of these channels, please go watch this one. He is motivational, he teaches you about habits, productivity, money, happinness and all in beautiful mini documentary style videos.

Having adopted minimalism myself, I know that minimalism will not solve all your problems but it is a place to start.

7. Joshua Becker

Another minimalist former pastor personal development YouTuber. His channel is beautiful and his wife and kids are just lovely.

That is beside the point. Joshua teaches you how to organize your life and start chasing the things you really want.

His channel focuses a lot more on minimalism than Matt’s. Decluttering, financial minimalism, technological minimalism and all that good stuff. Very enlightening.

8. Break The Twitch

The last minimalist on our list is Anthony Ongaro. Anthony got himself in debts because he could not stop impulsively buying things from Amazon.

He obviously turned his life around and now has one of the best productivity, habit building, happiness and personal growth podcast. His YouTube channel is also amazing.

9. Nathaniel Drew

This is a young twenty something film maker who skipped college and decided to make income online so that he could travel and experience the world.

His videos, just like Matt D’Avella, are beautiful and awe inspiring. He is a typical lifestyle YouTuber with content on his 30 days veganism, 30 days cold showers, trying out Leonardo D’Avinci’s daily routine and such things. Very motivating by the way.

If you want the courage to go after your dreams, this young pup is the guy  to watch.

10. Project Life Mastery

Talk about motivational YouTube channel, you have it. This is the best channel for anyone trying to make it in the online business world like blogging, affiliate marketing, YouTube, writing e-books or whatever.

It is also a great channel for anyone else looking to turn their life around.

11. TED and TEDx

Is this even a personal development list without TED being mentioned. With literally hundreds of thousands of incredibly inspiring talks to motivate you, teach you, entertain you or even just give you a diverse perspective, you haven’t lived if you haven’t listened to at least 10 Ted Talks.

12. Matthew Hussey

Look, most of us are either single or in need of some relationship help. Matthew Hussey has great relationship advice for women. He is really kind and polite and gentle but he does not hide the facts.

I love Mathew because he challenges women to hold men to a higher standard while at the same time holding themselves to that high standard.

13. Attract Great Guys

Another good relationship advice channel is Attract Great Guys. Like Mathew’s channel, women are not being asked to change who they are in order to be something that a man wants.

This channel inspires women to become the best version of themselves and teaches them how to present that version so that they can... attract great guys.

14.  Apply God’s Word

This is the final dating and relationship advice channel and it is the one that I swear by. Mark is all about a woman being valued and respected and I love that. It also helps that this is a Christian dating channel.

15. Focus on the Family

Whether you are a Christian or not, this channel is just a gem when it comes to winning at family dynamics.

They have experts from every aspect of family life like raising kids, finding and keeping a spouse, conflict resolution, family finances, caring for family members with disabilities and many other useful topics.

Focus on the family is great for anyone with a family or who intends to start a family of their own. 

That concludes my top 15 YouTube channels. I am very embarassed at the lack of gender equality on this list. Very few women.

I really want to change that so if you know any amazing personal development female YouTuber I should include on this list, tell us in the comments section.