You do not need a lot of money to succeed as a writer.

A lot of the tools that you need are either free or available online cheaply.

This post may contain affiliate links. I will get a commission if you use those links at no extra cost to you. 

However being a writer is not a completely cost less business venture.

In fact one of the main reasons most bloggers, freelancers, authors and writers in general do not succeed online is because we do not invest in the resources we need to actually go far.

The following are the tools and resources that I personally use and the amount of money I have coughed up for each.

You will notice that all the expenses for my two month old blog, my freelance writing business which supports me and even my e-book do not add up to $100.

Here is what you need to be successful as a writer online:

(S3.95/month billed annually at $47.5)

After using free hosting on blogger connected with a $0.99 domain name from GoDaddy for my first month of blogging, I am pleased to announce that I am in the process of migrating my site to a WordPress blog hosted by the amazing Bluehost.

I am grateful for having started my blog very cheaply on blogger. It was the best option at the time because I had no money.

However, monetizing my blogger blog has proved to be very difficult.

Most lucrative Ad companies and affiliate programs reject you without even looking at your stats.

Migrating has also become quite the ordeal. Apparently, you cannot simply migrate your blog from blogger to Bluehost like you would from any other hosting service and I had to get someone to do it for me. It is taking forever.

My advice to newbie bloggers. Be resourceful and find that $3.95 monthly bluehost fees and start your blog on the right foot.

(FREE version available with premium options)

Grammarly is a writers best friend. When I self published my book, I relied solely on friends and Grammarly to proofread and edit it. It cost me nothing.

Use Grammarly to write better content. Although I no longer use Grammarly for blog posts, I 100% rely on it for my freelancing work.

I have recently been considering upgrading to the premium options but I am not sure if there is much of a difference.

Anyone who thinks the premium version is better than the free one, comment down below.

2. Canva

(FREE 30 day trial then $9.95/month annual subscription, $12.95/month monthly subscription. Also FREE version available)

I do not know how I can ever repay Melanie Perkins and the canva team. I use this app for everything from logos, pins and I even designed my book cover on canva.

You do not need to hire a graphics designer for all your design needs. It will be very expensive.

Canva has beautiful templates which you can easily customize.

You can start a free 30 day trial for canva pro if you click here. Then you can decide to unsubscribe before the 30 days are up and continue enjoying the free version which is just as useful.

2. Pinterest business account


I cannot describe how Pinterest has changed my life. By simply pinning beautiful, SEO optimized images, Pinterest has sent huge amounts of traffic to my new blog within a short period of time.

I never would have hopped for these kind of results on any other search engine or social media platform. Together with Tailwind, Pinterest has been the reason for my success.

3. Tailwind. 

(FREE 30 days trial. $15/month or $9.99/month billed annually)

Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Instagram and Pinterest. The scheduling features are cool and all but the best thing about Tailwind is Tailwind tribes and analytics.

Tailwind tribes is like a Facebook group for bloggers on Tailwind. You all post your pins there and other bloggers repin your pins to their own Pinterest account. Your traffic will explode. 

And that is it. The five tools that I use to run my online writing business for cheap. Like I said, you do not need to break bank as an online writer, but you do need to make some initial investment if you want to succeed.