My Mindful Morning, Day and Evening routine

I like to think of my daily routine as mindful, practical, productive and custom to my personality, work and life.

I will not even try to lie to you, I work, a lot. I spend a large chunk of my day sitting at my computer working on my blog or freelance writing for clients. I have to work this hard because my blog is still in its infancy stages.

As much as I have a lot of work to do, I can also tell you that I do make time on most days for other important things in my life.

I realised that my life would be so much easier and more organized if I did more things out of habit rather than constantly have to plan and decided what to do with my day. That is called automation.

My daily routine is how I make sure nothing gets overlooked. As you will notice, my morning an my day routines are quite rigid but my night time routine is quite liberal. I wonder if I should even call it a routine. 


1. Wake up at 6:00 am

I typically wake up at 6:00 am. I don’t know how it happened but ever since college I naturally wake up at 6.00 am without an alarm clock. No matter what time I go to bed.

I try not to check my phone when I wake up unless I am checking the time. I roll out of bed and plug in my phone to charge.

I make myself some sugarless tea to kind of wake me up properly. Meanwhile, I wash my face and brush my teeth.

2. Quiet time

The next hour or so after I wake up is something called quiet time in the Christian community. Basically I sit on my desk with my Bible and my journal.

I pray and read my Bible while making notes in my journal about what I am reading. Often I begin with what the text tells me about Jesus and then what the text says about me.

I normally try to really go deep into my mindsets, world view and emotions during this time as well just so that I can really understand why I do the things I do.

It is simultaneous the best and hardest part of my day.

2. Start working.

Then I get out my to-do list that I often write the day before and just start working until around 11 am when I take breakfast because I doing intermittent fasting to lose weight.

That is my very simple, three step morning routine. If you keep it simple, you are far likely to stick with it. 

It takes about an hour or less and I just jump into work immediately.

I find that if I start my day by working on things I am more reluctant to do, I have the most productive days. I save things I enjoy doing for later on when I begin to feel tired and groggy.


1. Breakfast

I have breakfast at around 11 am everyday, as I already mentioned. Often times I drink a cup of black tea with two sugars and something like plain rice or a fruit or even bread to accompany it.

Then I get back to work until 3:00 pm.

2. Working out

At 3:00 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I stop working and go to the living room where I do a 15 minutes High Intensity Interval Training work out from YouTube. The same one every single day. 

I hate leaving the house, so I decided to do home work out. Also because I wanted to build the habit slowly and stick with it in the long haul, I decided to only work out for 15 minutes only three days in a week.

So far, I have been able to be consistent so I may be ready to up my dosage a little bit. On the days when I do not work out, I just keep working or I take a little break and watch YouTube videos until 4

3. Prepare for diner

At 4:00pm I often shower and then go out to get fresh produce from a store nearby. I make dinner and eat it. I live with two other people and they really appreciate coming home to a cooked meal.

I get back to work until my cousin comes home at around 7 or 8 pm. By work I mean I spend that time engaging with my facebook groups for bloggers by reading other bloggers articles and commenting on their social media and things like that.


1. Watching TV with my family

I eat all my meals between 11 and 5pm and so when my cousin comes home, she eats on her own. Meanwhile we watch TV and catch up on each others day. Sometimes my aunt comes home early and joins us.

We are currently watching American TV Series FBI. Agent OA is so cute. Watching TV with my family is also one of the best part of my days. Often times we forget about the TV and just talk.

2. Learning 

At 9:00pm I always go to my bedroom and read a book, listen to a podcast or watch something informative.

I am obsessed with adoption and so sometimes I watch Grace for The Millers family vlogs on YouTube and count them as information, lol.

3. Preparing for tomorrow

During this time is when all the things I have to do the following day and ideas for blog posts and strategies begin pouring through my brain.

I sit down and write a to do list and offload all my thoughts and ideas on in a simple bullet journal format.

I used to have trouble sleeping because I would keep getting ideas and wake up to write them down. Also, anxiety but oh well, we will get to that.

To be completely honest, sometimes I get back to work right after. Its a bad habit that I am trying to kick.

4. Mediating

Where do I begin. I have trouble sleeping. On really bad nights, I do not sleep at all. I just lay there, thinking about how much I would love to sleep.

So I started meditation and breath work to help me. I use a 20 minutes guided meditation from a YouTube channel called The Mindful Christian to help me relax and let go of anxiety and to-do lists.

Most days I feel sleepy before the twenty minutes so I switch it off and just go to sleep but sometimes when its over, I have to supplement it with breathe work.

I often wake up in the middle of the night and so I do breath work again to help me go back to sleep at least until 6:00 am.

For those who are wondering about breathe work, it is not anything spiritual.

I simply count one, two, three while breathing in through my nose and then I hold my breathe for the same amount of time or counts and then I breathe out through my mouth for the same amount of time/counts again.

It helps me to focus on something other than my thoughts (they never shut up).

I often start thinking about movies, sports, other people, my future and everything in between right when I am about to go to sleep.

And that ladies is my Mindful daily routine. I know I love to read other people's daily routines so I thought I should write one for you. 

Comment down below if you know anything that I can do to stop waking up in the middle of the night.