The Top 10 weight loss tips that work

Let me begin by assuring you that you can lose weight.

You are beautiful and capable and if you want to be healthier, there is nothing stopping you my wonderful sisters.

Have you been struggling to lose weight? I know I have for a very long time until I discovered that I was going about weight loss in ways that were guaranteed to fail from the onset.

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Losing weight is not rocket science. The formula is very simple:

Eat less + exercise more = weight loss

However, it is not easy because it involves forming and breaking a lot of habits.

If you introduce positive habits gradually and consistently while removing bad habits at the same pace, you stand a better chance at finally losing those pounds and better yet, keeping them off.

Read my best practices for forming positive habits and breaking bad ones click here.

These ten tips are small habits that will make your weight loss journey much easier.

However, you need to commit to the making gradual meaningful changes. You do not need to adopt all of them but to start and stick to a good number. They are:

✓Avoid drinking your calories

✓Ditch the short term diets and make lifestyle changes instead

✓Eat until you are almost full

✓Take the healthiest alternative available

✓Weigh yourself weekly or bimonthly or monthly (not daily)

✓Smaller portions of food

✓Remove the temptation

✓Get yourself accountability

✓Keep reminders and prompts close by

✓Be quick to start again when you fail

1. Avoid drinking your calories

Instead of juice, sweetened coffee or other drinks through out the day, just drink water. 

Even fruit juices are choke full of calories. You would not eat five mangoes but a mango juice is likely to have the equivalent of five whole mangoes. So eat the fruit and some water instead. 

To help form a habit of drinking more water, I always keep a glass of water on my desk at work and I have found that I now drink more water.

Drinking water helps to keep you fuller for longer and so eat less.

Stop drinking soda, pepsi etc and when you do, do it in moderation, keeping in mind that it has a lot of sugars and calories that will make their way to your gut.

2. Do not do temporary diets, make a lifestyle change

This is the best advice you will ever receive on weight loss. If you lose 40 pounds in two weeks by just drinking water and eating an apple, the moment you start introducing food into your diet, you are going to gain all that weight back and you will feel worse than before.

Think of weight loss as a marathon, not a sprint. You want to attain the healthiest body you can get and maintain.

Do not start keto or paleo if you intend to break it later on.

It is better to make gradual and meaningful lifestyle changes like eating less and healthier and exercising more. 

I chose calorie counting to help my body get used to eating the amount of food it requires coupled with intermittent fasting because I noticed I eat multiple times a day like a rabbit.

I won’t lie to you. The mornings are still really hard for me because I am used to stuffing my face at breakfast with all sorts of sugary delicacies but by enduring for just two weeks, my body has adapted and the cravings have begun to wear off.

My body now does not expect more than warm water before 11 am in the morning. And I am rarely hungry eating within my 1200 Calorie limit because I eat filling foods.

3. Eat until you are almost full

I used to eat until all the food on my plate was cleared even if I felt full. I must admit sometimes when I fill my plate too much, I still make this mistake.

Eat until you are not hungry anymore instead of until your stomach feels heavy and stretching. It takes your stomach a couple of minutes to tell your brain that it has had enough, so eat slowly and do not keep stuffing yourself.

4. Take the healthiest alternative available

If you must eat bread, eat whole grain. If you feel thirsty, drink water not soda. If you are out with friends and cannot find anything healthy, eat the small burger not the medium. Take the stairs not the lift. 

This is a life changing yet simple concept.

When given the choice (which is everyday) take a second to consider if there is a healthier alternative before making the decision.

Especially when it comes to carbs and sugar. Replacing processed and unhealthy carbs, sugar and fat with healthy ones will make weight loss easier and even tastier. 

For example, I started doing more physical activities with friends on the weekends like hiking (I suck and they make fun of me the entire time) instead of meeting in restaurants to just sit.

5. Weigh yourself weekly or bimonthly or monthly (not daily)

Anything worth while takes time and real change is gradual. Do not weigh yourself everyday especially if you are the sort of person who likes quick fixes.

The CDC website says that a healthy amount of weight to lose per week is between one to two pounds. Anything over that will have adverse effects to your physiology.

One to two pounds a week cannot be seen on a scale on a day to day but after two weeks it will be massive. When that scale says 156 and not 160 anymore.

It is easy to get discouraged and stop trying all together when we face the scale every morning and find that on some days you have even regressed.

When you weigh in after a week, even if you have gained instead of losing weight, sit down and assess what is not working and where you were not really serious and get on it.

6. Smaller portions of food

Let me tell you something embarrassing. When I was in college I went on a fruit fast to try and lose weight.

All I ate was fruits but at the end of the week I had gained a pound because of all the fruits I had been eating.

Eating healthy is not just about the kind of food. It is also about the amount of food. So buy smaller plates or better yet bowls.

Studies have shown a correlation between weight loss and the size of plates one uses. Duh!

7. Remove the temptation

If you regularly attend church you know the story of Joseph and Potipher’s worse. It is used in many Christian circles to demonstrate that instead of trying to resist sexual temptation, the better of option is to flee from it.

The same applies to the temptation to fall back into unhealthy patterns that will make you gain weight.

Do not try to stretch your will power. It is better to remove the temptation all together.

Do not buy junk food and keep it or hide it somewhere in the house. If you are going to stock up your pantry, stock it up with nuts and seeds and dried fruit and all that healthy stuff.

I live with other people and sometimes there is a lot of unhealthy stuff in the house. I usually use tip number 4 to beat the temptation by having delicious healthy alternatives available for me to enjoy within my 1200 daily calorie limit.

8. Get yourself accountability

Sheer will power is not enough to get you across to the finish line. When I started my weight loss journey, I told my mom and a few of my friends and I said I would report my progress to them once a month.

It is even better when you are doing your journey with someone else but it is not a must. No one else I know personally is seriously trying to lose weight but that hasn’t stopped them from being great (even overzealous) accountability partners.

9. Keep reminders and prompts close by

I know that I want to lose weight because I do not like the way I look and how heavy I feel. I can barely walk up the stairs without feeling like I am about to combust. I remind myself that whenever I want to break my habits.

Sometimes, mental reminders are not enough, so I have prompts all around me to help me stay on top of things. I have a small little calendar for exercise and I cross off everyday I work out.

I keep my water bottle on my desk so that I can drink water and I have alarms to remind me it is time to eat my last meal of the day at around 4:30 pm. MyFitnessPal app is on my home screen so that I do not forget to count those calories.

10. Be quick to start again when you fail

This is another big one. A lot of people miss a day of working out and never work out again or they binge eat one night and binge eat every night.

Give yourself grace. Always start again when you fail. Get back on the wagon as quickly as possible.

Stop wallowing in self pity or berating yourself. Those are just more excuses. Get up, make adjustments and try again.

We can do this. You and me. I will be updating you ladies on my progress at the end of the month. I started my journey at 136 pounds. For a 5’1 girl that is a lot. My goal weight is 116.

What about you, how many pounds are you trying to lose? Do you think any of these tips will help you finally lose the weight?