Top 10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers

I started my blog towards the end of November 2019 and so far I have seen an incredible growth in my blog traffic and have even earned my first $6.00 in affiliate sales.

My relative success in blogging can be attributed at least in part to these ten YouTube channels.

As a newbie blogger or even experienced blogger, you will find incredible value and tips from the following YouTube channels and their concurring websites.

1. Tailwind

Yes. Tailwind have a YouTube channel and a podcast as well as a blog dedicated to helping bloggers get traffic to their websites.

I watch their webiners and about 1 hour long podcast style videos. I have gained so much knowledge about how Pinterest works. I used to get about 50 pin impressions and maybe one or two repins and a clickthrough if I am lucky.

All that changed when I started learning from Tailwind YouTube channel. I watch them with a pen and paper and implement their lessons. You will love them. 

2. The Savvy Couple

It is not just their inspiring story of starting a blog from nothing to six figures. It is also just how useful and practical these guys are.

They have a few webiners on their channel that you should watch with pen and paper and implement. I like this channel because the savvy couple have tried it all.

Pinterest, Facebook ads, SEO and they have real experience with how each works. So much value in their few videos.

3. Suzy with Start A Mom Blog

I am not a mom neither do I have a mom blog but Suzy’s channel is still a life boat for drowning bloggers.

She is very sweet and she seems to have a good understanding of the main problems that bloggers face and really tries to address them. She also has a ton of great freebies.

4. Create and Go

The crazy successful creators of have a YouTube channel where they divulge enough of their secrets to give you a head start.

You will quickly notice that most of these channels, including this one do not give you everything you need to know. They give you about 50% and then put the remaining in their paid courses.

I love this channel because of the shear volume of topics they cover. While most channels focus on content or promotion or monetization, Create and Go cover everything.

5. The Content Bug

Here is another amazing channel with an equally amazing blog. The content bug’s earlier videos mostly deal with how she was able to become a full time blogger.

Meanwhile, her newer videos are about her transition into YouTube as a blogger. If you are thinking of one day having a YouTube channel, this girl is you go to.

6. Income School

This is the channel that got me into blogging. Little known fact, just outta college was going to be a niche site about ferrets before I switched over to lifestyle blogging. I just couldn’t muster up the energy to write about ferrets.

Income school focus on creating passive income blogs. Their strategy for getting traffic is not pinterest like a lot of the channels on this list. It is Google SEO. I want to someday branch into passive income blogging and if you want to do the same, this channel is just for you.

7. Neil Patel

This is one other YouTube channel focused on Google SEO and not Pinterest as the primary source of traffic.

Neil Patel and Income School often butt heads on strategy but if you want success with passive income blogs, it is best that you listen to both of them.

8. Anastasia Blogger

This is my go to Pinterest Queen on YouTube. While Tailwind is great for long one hour class type videos, Anastasia’s channel has much shorter but just as insightful content.

I learned a lot from her about how easy it is to get banned from Pinterest because of spam and how to avoid it.

9. Alison Lindstrom

Alison is a blogger’s blogger. She has amazing tips on how to make money blogging. She is very blunt about money being the main reason she is blogging and she teaches you how to make more of it.

She is also very helpful when it comes to content creation and planning.

10. Maria/The Chic Pursuits

Maria has a couple of amazing blog and pinterest related content on her channel although she is primarily a fashion blogger. 

Her Pinterest tutorials are very simple and practical and I also really enjoy her accent.

So there you have it ladies. My top 10 YouTube channels for bloggers. Enjoy and learn from them. All the best in your blogging endeavors.

Comment down below if there is a channel I should check out or include in this list.